Mission Statement
GPALS Electric is an Energy Service Company providing the most advanced energy efficient lighting systems.

Our goals are to provide the most superior lighting systems available for all companies nationwide along with superior maintenance services, and a greatly improved lighting system, immediate increase in profits and reduction of capitol budget costs.


Lightening Your Load

GPALS Electric can help you reduce lighting energy costs in your plant by up to 57% or more. At the same time, we will dramatically improve the quality of light in the workplace and increase overall light levels by approximately 20 percent.

Incredible as it sounds, these impressive results are possible by applying available technology in new ways to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of industrial, commercial, and manufacturing environments. Best of all, this can usually be accomplished with a payback period under two years. What's more, your utility company may even subsidize the upgrade, which will further reduce your payback period. At GPALS Electric we look for the best solutions for lighting. Whether your facility requirements are HID or Fluorescent, GPALS will meet your needs.

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