Illuminating Solutions

It takes more than technology to create an energy-efficient lighting system. That's where the experienced lighting engineers at GPALS come in. As the industry leader in T8 systems for industrial facilities, we make it our business to provide you with the best possible lighting strategy for your needs, based on energy efficiency, annual operating cost, initial cost, replacement cost and system longevity.

How we work with you
Our engineering team begins by performing a lighting audit in your facility to examine specific factors that can affect the efficiency of your system, such as:

  • Placement of fixture grid centers, both for ceiling and task lighting
  • Appropriateness of fixture mounting heights for the area being lit
  • Photometric effectiveness
  • Problem areas, such as rack aisles
    or obstructions
  • Lighting depreciation

Next, we determine how we can improve the work environment by reducing shadowing, eliminating harsh glare, improving the color rendering index (CRI) and increasing light levels.

Finally, we design a state-of-the-art lighting system that addresses all your needs and meets or exceeds IES lighting standards while substantially reducing your energy costs.

 T8 System Technology

A bright idea whose time has come

Perhaps one of the best-kept facility design secrets in the world is the superiority of T8 technology over HID technology. Too often conventional thinking is caught up in the myth that an HID system is the best lighting system available for distribution centers and manufacturing plants. But the advantages of the T8 lighting system over HID are too obvious to overlook and a growing number of our clients have discovered that the T8 system offers both maximum energy efficiency and a more desirable work environment. Therefore, if your company is committed to maximizing profitability and is striving to remain competitive, then a T8 lighting system is an important step in that direction.

Your company will soon discover the

  1. Initial installation cost is
    less than a HID system
  2. Annual operating cost is
    less than half the HID system
  3. Annual maintenance cost
    is less than a HID system

We invite you to discover firsthand the DOLLAR SAVINGS and the superior environment we offer with a T8 lighting system in your plant or warehouse.

T8 System assures a more efficient light delivery system.

  • Reduce energy costs by 50 percent or more
  • Increase overall light levels by 20 percent
  • Higher Color Rendering
  • No Glare
  • Reduces Shadowing
  • Average Lamp Life exceeds 24,000 hours

Superior optics and photometric design enable us to reduce your operating costs by 57 percent over the conventional HID lighting system.

Our line source lighting technology provides a more even distribution of light than a point source light system, such as metal halide, which is commonly associated with "hot spots" and shadowing.

Maintenance Program

Leave routine lighting maintenance
to the experts at GPALS.

Lighting is our business, not yours, so why should you tie up your valuable personnel with day-to-day maintenance on your lighting system?

We'll be glad to tailor a maintenance contract to the precise needs of your retail, distribution or manufacturing facility so you can always depend on the optimum performance of your lighting system, without even having to think about it.

Based on your needs, a GPALS field technician from your area will visit your site on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis to inspect your system and make necessary repairs. As part of this maintenance visit, the technician will:

  • Replace lamps and ballasts as necessary
  • Correct any minor electrical problems, i.e., replacing toggle switches,
    breakers or fuses
  • Audit your system to ensure all installed
    lamps are the correct type
  • Relamp fluorescent and HID fixtures, making sure to remove all dust and
    dirt from the surfaces
  • Remove all old parts and materials
    and recycle them in accordance with
    EPA regulations.

Best of all, there are no hidden costs. All replacement parts are billed at set prices specified in your contract. And emergency service is provided to all your locations at no extra cost.

You'll also appreciate the quality and responsiveness of GPALS customer service. When a site visit is necessary, a service technician is usually dispatched within 48 hours of your call. And because we reward our service representatives and field technicians based on feedback from our customers, all GPALS service personnel are even more determined to satisfy your needs in every way possible.

It's not surprising some of the country's largest companies depend on GPALSK to provide regular lighting maintenance and relamping services for their retail and manufacturing facilities.

Among the keys to success in today's competitive world is managing costs while operating your facility at peak productivity. At GPALS, we have the expertise to help you dramatically reduce your energy expenditures by improving the quality and efficiency of light in your warehouse or plant.

A superior lighting system, designed by our GPALS engineers specifically for your operational needs, will probably pay for itself in one to two years. Bottom line: The longer you wait to upgrade your lighting system, the more it's costing you.