As Your Energy Service Consultant, we can Provide:

Turnkey energy systems
Utility bill analysis.
Energy audits.
Metering & verification.
Post-installation maintenance.
Flexible financing with minimal capital investment.

You can save up to $1.00 per year, per square foot by upgrading your outdated building system with the newest
in energy efficient technology. These great savings and quick payback with a long term ROI directly affect your bottom line and increase your profit margin on a permanent basis.

You can profit from a turnkey energy systems upgrade:

Did you know that the cost to operate building lighting, HVAC and other building systems is one of your company's largest expenses? A growing number of companies are realizing the need to reduce this large overhead figure and turn it into a positive cash flow by investing in energy efficient lighting, controls, motors and drives.
We can provide you all the engineering, electrical and financial services you need to produce a comprehensive package of energy cost-saving technologies and services, from utility bill analysis to installation of a building-wide energy systems upgrade.

You make a minimum investment for maximum savings:

You can even "pay" for the upgrade with a portion of the savings realized with our flexible upgrade financing. This means little or no cash outlay up front.

Cut your operating expenses in half:

An electrical systems upgrade can provide up to a 50 per cent reduction, or more, in energy and operational costs. Best of all, it does this with a rapid payback within two or three years.

Minimize Maintenance costs:

Especially with energy-efficient lighting such as T-8 and compact fluorescent lamps, electronic dimming ballasts, occupancy sensors and building control systems. This results in the cutting of energy costs, and substantial long-term savings associated with building systems operation.

Increase profits with greater productivity:

It is now a proven fact that lighting upgrades yield employee productivity gains of 6-16 per cent, according to studies by the Rocky Mountain Institute. Even a one per cent increase may produce greater savings than the company's entire energy bill! In addition, an upgraded environment can also enhance your company's asset value. Building differentiation is crucial in many major markets where rent margins may vary by just five or ten cents a square foot.