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Although GPALS Electric does not work on main switches or in clean
rooms, we can provide a multitude of services to make your telephony
installation easier and more trouble free. Some of these are as follows:

"Site Prep" inside the customer premise. (i.e. ladder rack, conduit,
hangers for cabling, etc.)

Installation and termination of "pots" cabling. (copper)

Installation, splicing and termination of fiber optic cabling at the CIU
point. (customer interface unit)

Modifications and Re-arrangements of existing customer premise
telephone outlets and cubicle re-arrangements.

Computer network design and implementation.

Customer premise analysis of existing wiring, defect documentation
and corrective action services.

"Wiring Record Documentation Service"
a permanent record data base of your existing wiring assignments
to be used as a reference for future wiring modifications, additions
and removals. This data base is "issue sensitive" and updateable
(i.e. Issue #1- Note #1- "1 new duplex telephone outlet added, 1st floor,
column 12 Tel jack 3 & 4, assigned to 1st floor cabinet #2, pairs
46 & 47-as of 1/1/2004, Issue #2- Note #1- Tel jack #1 removed from
3rd floor cubicle 16 and 3rd floor cabinet # 3d pair #257-
as of 5/12/2004).